About the Ratings & Commentary category

For rating and discussion of Bruce & Adrian’s solo songs and albums.

These subcategories are more restricted than the rest of the forum, as they only allow the pre-created song and album threads to be used to avoid unwanted clutter. Albums featuring Bruce are coded in blue, albums featuring Adrian are coded in red, and albums featuring both of them are coded in purple.

In the song and album rating threads, you can choose to add a rating to your post (click the checkbox and then pick a star rating) and this will represent your rating for the song or album, which will be totaled and averaged with all of the other posters’ ratings in that thread. You can make subsequent posts in the same thread, but to change your rating you’ll have to edit the post that included your original rating.

If you wish to discuss other topics related to the song and album commentaries, you are still able to create new topics in this top-level base category.

To begin with I’ve only included the official studio albums and EPs, but this can be expanded in the future to cover the rest of the material (B-sides, one-offs, live songs, re-recorded tracks, etc.) if desired.

Now that a couple of months have passed since its release, I’ve added The Mandrake Project to this section.