An Evening With Bruce Dickinson Q&A

Did any of you get your questions read and answered by Bruce during his 2022-2023 speaking tour? If so, what did you ask and what did he say?

Mine was actually used as the final question of the night, and it was really more of a joke than a serious question, but when he was sight reading it he said, “Oh, this is actually quite good!”, and then he read it out loud:

“With the success of the Trooper beer line, when can we expect to see some Bruce solo beers like Bock Of Thel, Tattooed Million Ale, or Zulu Brewlu?”

He didn’t answer the question directly, but he did say something along the lines of “well, we can’t really do that last one anymore, can we…?”

I saw the show in January 2019 already (when it still had “What Does This Button Do” in the tour title). My question was simply in the lines of “how about that new solo album”, and that didn’t end up in the pile from which he answered questions. Someone else’s enquiry about his favorite pizza toppings did end up in there, but Bruce refused to answer such a stupid question.

My god, it’s actually begun, with a Mandrake Project beer from Bodebrown:

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