Book Of Thel

Book Of Thel
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This is a brilliant song from start to finish. A fantastic intro with the haunting bass melody, only gets better when the band suddenly hits their rhythmic hits, Bruce muttering his shopping list in the mix as well. A lot going on in the fast-paced verses, a great riff and intense vocals. A nice touch of little bass tricks in the pre-chorus, leading to a really good singalong chorus with some Shakespeare quotes. The instrumental / solo section is heavy and cool, the highlight being the “drum solo” part where Dave gets to shine (and he definitely did in the live version as well!). The layered ooh-ooh-ooh’s are a bit chaotic though; I can’t tell which vocal melody is supposed to be the lead vocal, but that’s not too bad I guess… in a hypothetical live situation everyone can sing whatever they like to that one.

And of course, after another verse plus a prolonged chorus, it all leads to the outro, which is basically the same as the intro but now mostly executed with (electric) piano, capped by a short sequence of Arthur Brown quoting some Willam Blake.

It’s like an enhanced version of “Darkside of Aquarius”, a lot of similarities between these two. I like this one better.

The intro/outro must be one of the best things or sections on any Bruce album.

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