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Great song, one of my all time favorites from Bruce. A perfect opener, too. I like this kind of misty, eery feel in an opening song, both for albums and live shows, you’re sort of waiting for everything to explode or something… The atmosphere in this one is probably unmatched by any other Bruce song. Not too much happening in the rhythm section, but it works well. With other instrumentation, there’s actually quite a lot going on in different parts of the song. With all its length, the structure of the song is very well crafted.

we all have secret lives in our secret rooms is a great opening line. Bruce’s vocal work is fantastic in the song, especially in the verses. And yeah, the part with they ain’t watching you is brilliant. As is the ooh melody towards the end of the song.

The guitar solo is absolutely fantastic, one of the best ever.

I don’t think anything is missing from this one, but if Bruce and Roy are going to make a new mix with possibly new guitar tracks and a heavier feel, I’m certainly interested. It could very well work as a bit heavier arrangement as well.