Darkside Of Aquarius

Darkside Of Aquarius
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Cool intro, mediocre riff/verse, good chorus, brilliant instrumental part, good ending. One of my favorites from AoB.

This song probably has the best guitar solo part / instrumental middle part of all of Bruce’s songs. It’s magical! The ominous background pattern coupled with the actual solos and the riff that leads back to the intro thing. Really intense stuff. Roy’s explosive solo must be one of his best, I think. I normally prefer more melodic, composed solos like those Adrian plays, to these ultra-fast ones from Roy, but this one is just great for this song.

The verse riff isn’t that good, and I don’t really know what to think about the hellriders listed there. But the chorus is good, the bass guitar line in particular! In all, Eddie and Dave are on fire in this song.

Oh, and here’s some guy* playing it on a bass guitar:

*) it’s me.

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