Gods Of War

Gods Of War
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Cool drum intro, solid riff, nice vocal melody in the intro as well. Bruce sounds a bit weird in the nicely fragile verse and I’m not sure about the lyrics… but when we get to the pre-chorus, the song instantly leaps to another level. Together with the chorus, this is just brilliant stuff with truly remarkable howling by Bruce. The message in the chorus is powerful (and even stronger after the recently found live video from Sarajevo!), and the short riff part / break after the second chorus fits like a glove. Roy’s solo delivers like in most songs on the album.

In the outro, the song sort of dies down piece by piece, giving the listener a bit of time to contemplate what they’ve just heard, to dwell in the moment. A very good ending to a really powerful song.

There’s something haunting in this one. Maybe it’s just the gods of war howling and crying for more in my head.