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Typically to Skunkworks, not a very complicated song, but I like almost everything about it. A lot. It’s one of those simpler songs in which everything just clicks.

The highlight here are Bruce’s vocals and lyrics, which include quite a few cool-sounding phrases, like “I’d rather move around and be / than figure out life and what it means”. The vocal melody in the verse is intriguing, built upon a nicely stagnant chord progression, and the contrast with the more powerful chorus part (different lyrics all the time; is that a chorus?) works well. There are also some really good vocal harmonies in the verses.

In all, the song rolls forward like a train, or maybe a fireball.

Apparently Chris Dale has a writing credit in this song, which was sort of orchestrated by the record company who wanted to make Skunkworks feel more like a band and asked Alex to work with Chris on some songs, even though Alex didn’t seem to need help. He probably didn’t, but yeah, Chris’s fast bass line is good anyway. (This info is from the Skunkworks book.)

They played this song live on the 2002 European festival tour, which was a nice surprise and will not be forgotten.

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