Iron Maiden - The Future Past Tour

Maiden’s current tour is wrapping up in early October after only 3 Canadian dates and 1 U.S. date.

Presumably we’ll get a bigger U.S. tour at some point in 2024, but they usually announce these things several months in advance, and we know that Bruce will be touring his solo band from mid-April through early May, so we probably won’t see the Maiden tour continue until nearly halfway through 2024! Bummer.

Still looking forward to this, though. I’m eager to see both the new material and the Somewhere In Time material live again.

Got blindsided by the U.S. leg of the Future Past tour hitting pre-sale today. Decent side section arena seats cost $165 + fees in my area, but they had to be bought in multiples of 2 for the pre-sale, and I would normally buy either 1 ticket or 3, so that didn’t work. Wound up having to step it up to a single $225 + fees (close to $300 after all that bullshit) seat instead!

Absolutely insane that ticket prices have more than doubled since the Legacy Of The Beast tour at the same venue. If this weren’t Iron Maiden, and we weren’t in the stage where every tour might be their last tour, I would never pay this much for a concert ticket. Ever. Not very happy about it.

Wow. I know touring is expensive these days, and I know Maiden is expensive, but that’s quite a price.

Last summer they played near where I live. I’ve seen them live three times and decided not to go, even though Somewhere in Time is my top 2 Maiden album. After seeing videos from the gig I deduced that it probably wasn’t the best show they’ve done. Adrian seemed to be carrying the band, which is no wonder actually as his work on SiT is phenomenal. But the band definitely improved during the summer, Nicko gaining strength and all.

Like you said, every tour could be their last. But I’ve sort of said my goodbyes to them when I last saw them in 2018.

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Hello guys, hello @Jer,
My post is not really related to TFP tour.
But, do someone of you know what happened to Maidenfans forum since yesterday ?
Thanks in advance for your answers.
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Welcome to the dark side (of Aquarius?), @TheMercenary!

It was down for a while, for two separate stretches of time. I think they normally do site maintenance on Sunday evening UK time, but something must have kept it offline for a while.