Killing Floor

Killing Floor
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Bruce & co. haven’t played too much with unconventional time signatures *, so the opening riff (count to seven!) is quite different from what we are used to. The verse goes to 6/4, and I love the flow in the verse, especially how Bruce builds the vocals, both rhythmically and melodically. And lyrically as well!

you’ve never been held by the hand of God
who’s rocking your cradle if He is not?

Bruce does great in the eerie pre-chorus as well, and the chorus is certainly powerful, even if it’s not my favorite. When the ending to “Afterglow of Ragnarok” was released as a teaser, some people were wondering online if Bruce has added growled vocals to his toolkit. Well what about that “Satan” in the chorus here? Pretty evil, I would say. Also I like the mostly instrumental mid section, which is a bit chaotic, but in a good way. Nice harpsichords there too.

As a whole, the song has a very Adriatic vibe, with the riffs and some weird guitar effects. Again it’s a bit different from most of the material on the album, but I think it fits a lot better than “Machine Men” because it maintains the more or less mystic feel that is an important part of The Chemical Wedding.

*) I can think of “Welcome to the Pit” where the intro goes to seven; “Faith” has a riff after the second chorus that varies between 7 and 8; then the likes of “Space Race” and the latter part of “Tyranny of Souls” that are prominently 6/4. Probably there are more examples.

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