Machine Men

Machine Men
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Weakest song on the album… and it’s still pretty good! I guess that says a lot about The Chemical Wedding.

It’s just that this one feels a bit out of place on the album, with its more modern metal touch, if you know what I mean. The opening riff, the chorus and the outro are all good in their own right (then again the lyrics are not), and while I enjoy the song as a whole, everything here differs quite a bit from the general style of the album. And that I don’t like.

Actually, it sounds very much like something Adrian would have written back in the 90’s… which he did, of course. Come to think of it, the weird futuristic riff in Maiden’s “Mother of Mercy” has some of the same feel, I think. That one’s a little out of place in its context as well.

Anyway. Bruce’s vocals in the chorus and the “awayyyyyy” after the last chorus are fantastic. Also I love the outro riff.