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This one starts with a weird drum pattern that I’ve haven’t quite been able to grasp in all these years – it begins in the middle of the groove. What happened there? Well, be that as it may…

…this is probably the best example of what a careful arrangement can do, on this album. The song, with its riffs, verses, chorus and lyrics, would be really good anyway, but Alex D. and Bruce’s work in the second verse especially is brilliant. All the variations in both guitar and vocals, the harmonies, every little detail they add in there. Very well thought through. Bruce with some of his evil antics, fantastic singing in the verses, in the choruses and also the outro – he does not sound pleased, and it truly fits the song. As does the sudden, blunt ending.

On top of everything else Alex does, he also delivers one of his best guitar solos. The last lick that leads into the final chorus is fantastic. Great chorus, by the way. The best one on the album? Probably.

Anyway, what a performance from a young guitarist this whole album is. Most of the songwriting is quite simple, with basically one or two ideas each for most of the songs, if no more is needed. But I admire the way he brings these songs to life by putting a lot of thought into detail, painting the sceneries with his tasteful arrangements.

It helps to have a singer/storyteller like Bruce, of course.