Nine Miles Down

Nine Miles Down is the most recent band project from Andy Makin, the vocalist on Adrian Smith’s second Psycho Motel album Welcome To The World. They play proggy hard rock and metal with some synths and occasional harsh vocals, but for the most part Andy’s voice sounds just like it did in 1997.

They released the album Fractures in 2018 with only a very limited physical run, but it’s still available through digital stores like Amazon and Apple Music.

They also released a new single “The Weathervane” in early 2020:

…but I haven’t heard a peep of news out of them since then. Their Facebook page got a couple of very strange stock photo updates in September 2023 that look more like a hack than anything legitimate, but that’s about it. Their official web page also appears to be toast. Hopefully that’s only temporary…?

It looks like Andy has moved on from this project to a new one called My Last Fire.