Sack Trick

Sack Trick is an avant-garde hard rock band featuring Chris Dale and Alex Dickson from Bruce’s Alive… and Skunkworks albums. The music is insane in a Mr. Bungle sort of way.

I’ve only really listened to Penguins On The Moon, which I picked up for a buck in a used CD store many years ago, and I can’t say it was entirely up my alley, but it was an interesting curiosity. It looks like they also recorded an album full of Kiss covers (Sheep In Kiss Makeup), which I haven’t heard yet, but sounds on-brand after reading Chris Dale’s Inside The Skunkworks Machine book (which I highly recommend for fans of that period of Bruce’s career).

I did stumble upon a video of interest, where Bruce has a brief vocal cameo at one of their live shows (around the 3:15 mark):

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I believe Alex Elena was in the band as well when they started? I read the Skunkworks book last year and I’m not entirely sure of this though.

But drummer Robin Guy is/was definitely there, seen on that video as well as the drummer on the right side of the picture. He played in Bruce’s band in the 2002 summer festivals. I really enjoyed his story in the book; he wouldn’t believe it when Chris told him that Bruce wants him to a band that’s basically headlining European festivals, while Robin was just some guy playing in pub bands and such. Great drummer though!

Sack Trick have played some sort of pre-Christmas shows in Denmark until recent years. Must be a fun night. But it’s not the type of music that I would listen to through a whole album’s length.

This one is my favorite:

Also the fact that they were planning an album called “Live in Tokyo with a Tiger”, which would not have been live, not recorded in Tokyo and with no tigers involved, always blows my mind.

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Actually, the ‘Live in Tokyo with a Tiger’ album was released on YouTube a couple of years ago. It’s worth a listen. also, their Kiss cover album “Sheep in Kiss Make Up” features Bruce as a guest in one track.

And, Chris Dale’s book is awesome, totally recommended! It was written by him with the collaboration of many members of his Facebook Group during the pandemic, including me :).

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