Shadow Of The Gods

Shadow Of The Gods
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One of the very best songs on the album. Very emotional as well.

On first listen it felt a bit rushed – why would they move from “the first chorus” so quickly to the next, completely different part; why wouldn’t they dwell longer in the metal part; and why the rush to end the song with the short verse which even ends in a very sudden way? Seven minutes is nothing, and the elements of this song would easily have carried a greater length. The last part still bothers me a bit, and it is the part that drops my rating from five to four — an unsatisfying end to an otherwise brilliant song.

I have to say though, “I need a necromancer” is a somewhat funny line. In the context of a complete theme album, like it was supposed to be when this song was written, I would probably see no problem here. But, yeah. A bit funny to me, but also kind of cool?

According to some interview with Bruce, the vocals to this one were recorded some time back in 2013 or 2014. You can hear that, this is Bruce’s voice before the cancer. The “chorus” or the third verse (“journey on…”) is perfect, reminds me somehow of the late 90’s albums. It’s so beautiful, it must be the best moment on The Mandrake Project.

But, as a sad, nostalgic thought, I think it is a testament to what Bruce could do in the past, and he will most probably never sound that good again. Which is why the “chorus” in all its brilliance also hurts. As beauty often does.

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