Solar Confinement

Solar Confinement
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I’ve slept with many strangers
So fission fusion fission makes good sense

Always makes me smile. Brilliant.

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Cool intro with nice guitar work. Good, lively verses with some fascinating lyrics that seem to fit the song particularly well. I can’t explain this any better but in some songs you just feel it better than in others, even if the story or the “message” or whatever is not emotional or powerful in other ways. Well, maybe it’s just good writing… I already mentioned my absolute favorite lines in the message above, but also “H to He” is great, and Bruce “denying what he has done” has always worked for me.

However, it gets less good. I’ve never liked the chorus, and what comes after it – the guitar solo part and the bridge (“lonely boy”) isn’t too fascinating either. So what starts really well, ends less so.

I might be wrong however! In my core group of Bruce fans, this is everyone else’s favorite Skunkworks song.