Strange Death In Paradise

Strange Death In Paradise
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A brilliant song, a little masterpiece. A bit like “Back From the Edge”, here we have a song that is unparalleled. You can’t write a song “like this” – either you copy this one or you write something completely else. If that makes sense.

The vocal melodies throughout the song are great, some of Bruce’s best even? They are a bit unusual (sounds strangely like a major key, but there’s a tritone there as well…) which is good, and they fit this unusual, haunting composition in a perfect way. And of course, the layered vocals in the end part are absolutely brilliant. Oh wow.

Not sure if I would have liked it to have a proper guitar solo, but Alex’s work in the short “solo part” before the end begins is good anyway. And he gets to solo behind Bruce’s vocals in the end.

My only complaint would be the length of the song. It does feel longer than four and a half minutes, having this massive, majestic feel from start to finish. I don’t know where I would want to stretch it, but surely it wouldn’t need to end so quickly, would it? On the other hand, the relative shortness of the song makes it even more special; how do you achieve THIS in four and a half minutes?

Nice touch by the way, playing the intro in slower tempo in the end.

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