Tears Of The Dragon

Tears Of The Dragon
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This was the first solo song by Bruce that I heard. I saw the video in TV in 1994, the song hit me hard and has travelled all these years with me. One of the best songs in the world for me. I played it at my best friend’s wedding (he got to play the solo), later on we played it at my wedding (I got to play the solo). I can’t think of a more powerful ballad-type song than this.

I’m not that much into lyrics (unless they’re really good!) in general, to me music always comes first. The song must be good for me to even get interested in what’s being sung. This goes even with lyrics that are written in my native tongue, which isn’t English. But here, probably partly because the song is so important to me, so are the lyrics. They’re not very difficult to interpret, of course. But they hit their target in seeking the courage to make changes in life (being shit scared of change, was it, Bruce?), to leave everything behind and leap into the darkness. We’ve all been there, to some extent, I guess.

Roy’s guitar solo is MASSIVE. In my youth it was THE best guitar solo I knew, but although I may not agree anymore, it surely is brilliant. He actually perfected the final part of the solo in the live version on Scream for me Brazil. I don’t even mind the reggae part after the solo, because what could you even put there? After a really intense solo like that, with a true climax at the end, you just need a little time to breathe, to recover from what you’ve just experienced, before we get back to the story with Bruce. So I don’t care what’s in there. The thing in the live version is just as good.

Bruce will never write a song better than this. It’s up there on a level that may be reached, but it may not be exceeded. An absolute classic.

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