The Alchemist

The Alchemist
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How to even describe the effect that the return to the chorus of “Chemical Wedding” has on the whole listening experience… obviously, this is the closing song of a HUGE album that means so much to me. “Chemical Wedding” is the title song and as such represents the whole album, it’s also one of the best songs on an album full of great songs…

And “The Alchemist” is already a song filled with emotion, even before it suddenly jumps back to a variation of the title song’s chorus, with Bruce just sort of humming the vocal melody in the background… suddenly I understand that the end of this musical journey is near.

They almost bring me in tears with that part, and then Bruce pulls the last chorus of the actual song from his sleeve, and sometimes I just can’t handle it. That final chorus is spectacular stuff from Bruce. There’s just so much emotion in that one, it’s almost too much to take after the part that precedes it.

And when the final part of the song comes, everything is peaceful, everything is in harmony.

How could the ending to this magnificent album be any better? I think that coming back to the title song in the second half of “The Alchemist” is a stroke of genius.

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