The Mandrake Project (comic)

In case anyone was curious, the story in the prelude comic that comes with the deluxe CD is just the story you see depicted in the “Afterglow Of Ragnarok” video, and the 6-page preview of the first issue of the series shows the protagonist breaking into a graveyard while it’s raining to find the grave site of William Blake, so pretty much the broad strokes of the “Rain On The Graves” video. And lyrics from both “Afterglow Of Ragnarok” and The Chemical Wedding make their way into the captions.

Personally, I’m going to wait for a collected edition after everything’s published before I decide whether to pick up the full comic or not.

My thoughts exactly. I don’t read comics but I must admit that this prelude looks pretty cool. However, if half of the captions are taken from Bruce’s lyrics, I don’t think I’m interested. (Not that the lyrics are bad, but it feels quite cheap in the prelude.)

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