The Tower

The Tower
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A masterclass of bass playing right from the bat. I’ve always loved Eddie Casillas’s staccato style in the intro. Not easy to do, and not very “metal” either – I doubt that many metal bass players would have done that. I think this is one of the prime examples of the benefits of bringing the Tribe of Gypsies to record an album like this. Their different take on metal creates a unique touch in the music.

It’s a good-humoured song with some great guitar playing (by Adrian) and delightful vocal delivery from Bruce, even though the lyrics feel like he’s just putting one Tarot card after another in there and hoping that they merge into a coherent story. Do they? I’m not sure. And I might commit heresy by saying this, but to me the chorus somehow does not deliver. There’s something missing. (Not much, though.)

Despite the song being credited to Roy (and Bruce), I believe that Adrian wrote it. Well, he plays the only solo, but in addition to that, the lead guitar work sounds very much like his. And then there’s this short riff after the second chorus and in the ending.

I don’t know if this has been discussed online somewhere. Maybe there’s a mistake in the credits. I did a quick search on Google, but it doesn’t really help that the highest goddamn tower in the world was designed by an architect called Adrian D. Smith.