Trumpets Of Jericho

Trumpets Of Jericho
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This one is a weird mixture of a low-tuned, very heavy, hypnotic riff and a brilliant, groovy, melodic chorus. Somehow it all fits together with seamless transitions – perhaps barring the somewhat clumsy pre-chorus – and the song just flows.

Both guitar solos are great, very different from each other, which is probably a bonus. In between the solos we get a ridiculously heavy part where Evil Bruce delivers one of his trademark laughters. And speaking of the vocals, at the end of the song Bruce apparently doesn’t care anymore if his new music resembles old Maiden. The repetition of “still the walls remain” is very reminiscent of “Sea of Madness”, but who cares. It sounds great.

Of course this song’s role as the show opener on The Chemical Wedding Tour will never be forgotten.

I want to add that the drumming throughout this song is phenomenal.

In a recent interview, David Ingraham actually admitted that he wasn’t good enough with double kick pedals and had to “fake it” live using an additional floor tom for some parts of the riff/verse drum pattern. Apparently he wasn’t talking about the studio version, where it certainly sounds like he is playing double kicks all the way.

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