Welcome To The Pit

Welcome To The Pit
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I never really thought about it, but now that I’m rating each song individually, I realize that this is the best song on the album in my opinion. I’ve always loved it, of course, but I haven’t forced myself into making decisions like this.

It’s different from everything else on the album or Bruce’s discography in general. I think only “Killing Floor” somehow relates to the atmosphere of this one, or maybe also “Kill Devil Hill” to some extent.

The song is filled with good riffs, but what I love most is the combination of the pre-chorus and the actual chorus. Real singalong stuff with cool vocal harmonies, guitar sound effects and brilliant bass playing. Nothing wrong with Bruce’s trademark evil laughter or his overall performance either.

Adrian’s solo is fantastic, played over a somewhat unorthodox, eery chord progression. I mean, that solo must be on the very top shelf of all he has recorded, whether with Maiden, Bruce or someone else.