Your dream Adrian Smith setlist?

If Adrian were to play a solo tour where he could draw from any of the songs he wrote outside of Iron Maiden, who should be the members of his live band, and what songs would you like to hear him play?

I’ll need to give this one more thought before I post my own answer, but feel free to share your own choices!

For the live line-up I’m going to go with Psycho Motel Mk. II plus Richie Kotzen and Richard Young (A.S.A.P. keyboardist):

  • Adrian Smith (guitar, vocals)
  • Richie Kotzen (guitar, vocals)
  • Andy Makin (vocals)
  • Gary Liedeman (bass)
  • Mike Sturgis (drums)
  • Richard Young (keyboards)

I figure Andy can cover the Solli and Mikee Goodman vocals in addition to his own, and I guess Richie can cover the Bruce vocals, though that’s a shaky prospect!

Set list:

  1. The Lion (A.S.A.P.)
  2. City Of Dreams (The Untouchables)
  3. Hate And Love (Smith/Kotzen)
  4. Psycho Motel (Psycho Motel)
  5. Underground (Psycho Motel)
  6. Search For Bliss (Primal Rock Rebellion)
  7. No Place Like Home (Primal Rock Rebellion)
  8. Taking My Chances (Smith/Kotzen)
  9. Countdown (Urchin)
  10. Misunderstood (A.S.A.P.)
  11. Something Real (Psycho Motel)
  12. City Of Light (Psycho Motel)


  1. No Friendly Neighbor (Primal Rock Rebellion)
  2. Tortured Tone (Primal Rock Rebellion)
  3. Return Of The King (Bruce Dickinson)

Tried to get a good spread from the full breadth of his solo career, but it’s really hard to pare it down to only 15 tracks – I would’ve liked to get some more Psycho Motel and at least one more co-written Bruce track in there, and maybe “New Horizons” from the Michael Kiske album…but choices had to be made.

EDIT: Silly me, I was thinking 15 tracks total instead of 15 in the main set, plus the encore. I’d probably add in “The Last Chain”, “New Horizons”, and maybe “Welcome To The Pit” with Andy Makin singing it, since that always read more like a Psycho Motel song than a Bruce Dickinson song to me.